August 10th, 2012

Never a break from the commercials

By Naomi Darom and Nati Tucker

When Keds Kids VP-Marketing Sabina Meir was looking for a way to reach the 6-10 age group, she found herself facing a problem. “This audience watches the Children’s Channel, which has no advertising,” she explained. So she found a creative, effective solution: Instead of buying time in the commercial breaks on one of the commercial television stations, her company signed an agreement to offer prizes on the Children’s Channel, which was running a fashion program for children called “Achi BeStyle” ("the most stylish” ), a contest for children who want to be fashion stylists.

The partnership, which cost the company a few tens of thousands of shekels, had several components: Keds Kids’ house stylist would be one of the three judges, and the hosts would direct viewers to the channel’s web page. And that’s where the real bonus lay - not on the television screen, but on another screen entirely, says Meir. “Television is restricted by regulation,” she says. “You know in advance what you’re getting into. You can sponsor a prize or a cool gift, but you know you won’t have more significant involvement in content. But online your brand can receive greater expression via a contest or tips, and there’s no regulation there.”

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