August 27th, 2012

Md. crafts state hospital breast-feeding policies

Carroll County Times

Breast milk is a one-stop shop for all the nutrients and energy a baby needs for the first six months of its life, experts say.

That’s a message the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is echoing, as it crafts and finalizes guidelines for state hospital breast-feeding policies. It’s an issue that’s garnered national attention, as hospitals in several states have banned promotional baby formula giveaway bags.

A draft of the state’s Hospital Breast-feeding Policy Recommendations released Thursday contains 10 best practice principals _ all promoting breast-feeding as the optimal food source _ and the department is seeking public comment before the recommendations are finalized next month.

Carroll Hospital Center is ahead of the curve, as it’s already implemented every number on the list, according to Linda Grogan, the executive director of the hospital’s Women’s and Children’s Services. The hospital has always had a breast- feeding policy, she said.

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