July 30th, 2012

GE Gallery Launches in Billboard-Free Sao Paulo

By Claudia Penteado and Laurel Wentz
Ad Age

Five years after Sao Paulo passed the Clean City Law banning outdoor advertising as visual pollution, a loophole is emerging in the form of art with a small advertiser’s logo.

That’s what GE and Sao Paulo agency Almap BBDO are doing with the GE Gallery. Three colorful graffiti-like panels have been painted on Sao Paulo buildings over the last week, and this week a small GE logo will be added and a social-media campaign unleashed.

“The city has improved a lot because there was a lot of visual pollution before the law,” said Marcello Serpa, partner and creative director at Sao Paulo agency Almap BBDO. “But Sao Paulo is a gray city. It’s not like Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful city in the world. So we tried to use buildings as billboards on a huge scale, to give the city some color and bring art to the people, and to use it as a tool to subtly talk about GE products.”

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