July 5th, 2012

Coke Uses Olympics as Link to Healthful Lifestyles

By Emma Hall
Advertising Age

Coca-Cola is using its Olympic sponsorship to convince consumers of its commitment to an active lifestyle, in a new campaign for the U.S. centering on an “8-pack” of U.S. athletes, most of whom are set to compete at the London games this summer.

Sodas have taken a bashing recently, with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposing a ban on the sale of large sugary drinks as part of a push to tackle the growing obesity crisis.

Coca-Cola, however, claims that the association between its brand and healthful lifestyles is an authentic one. Katie Bayne, president and general manager, sparkling beverages, Coca-Cola North America, claimed via email, “We have a timeless commitment to enhance well-being in all of its forms. Encouraging people to get active, and providing them with opportunities to do so, has always been at the heart of our brand values.”

Ms. Bayne added, “We also recognize that issues such as obesity are a complex problem and we are committed to working with all sectors of society to find solutions. To help change the way people think about nutrition and exercise we need to work together.”

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