June 8th, 2012

Web-Standards Body to Reject Microsoft's 'Do Not Track' Browser

By Jason Del Rey
Advertising Age

The online-ad industry may have an ally in its smoldering battle against Microsoft.

Microsoft set the industry ablaze when it revealed last week that the latest version of Internet Explorer would ship with “Do Not Track” functionality turned on.

In response, leaders of industry trade groups that make up the Digital Advertising Alliance decried the move in public statements and now one of the main international standards organizations for the web is preparing to label Microsoft’s browser as “noncompliant,” setting up a showdown between Redmond, web-standards creators and the rest of the online-ad ecosystem.

The closely-watched “tracking protection” working group within the standard-setting World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, reached consensus on a call on Wednesday that browsers that automatically opt users out of tracking don’t fit its definition, and won’t get the group’s seal of approval, according to the group’s co-chair and Mozilla privacy researcher Aleecia McDonald. In effect, the group is saying that compliance means that a browser should give a user a choice whether or not to be tracked before it sends out any signal to websites saying “this person doesn’t want to be tracked” or “this person wants to be tracked.”

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