June 21st, 2012

Watching What Your Kids Watch On TV

By Freddie Allen
The Seattle Medium

When 6-year-old Simaya Hammonds ditched Dora the Explorer for tween-fare found on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, her mom, Tahneezia Hammonds wasn’t surprised.

The precocious first grader enjoys “Shake It Up” on the Disney Channel and “Victorious,” a show about students at a performing arts high school on Nickelodeon, is one of her favorites. “A.N.T. Farm,” a show about a group of gifted middle schoolers (A.N.T. is an acronym for “Advanced Natural Talents) attending a local high school made it into her Disney rotation.

Hammonds said she watches the shows with her daughter and offers running commentary such as when one of the “ANT’s” gets bullied by one of the high school kids.

“We’ll be watching a show and I’ll say, ‘That girls not very nice,’ and she’ll say, ‘Yeah, I know,’” Hammonds recounted. Simaya watches one to two hours of television a day and her mother wonders if it’s too much.

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