June 20th, 2012

Sugary kids' drink gets misleading ad award

The Local

Over 34 percent of the 130,000 people who voted in this year’s Goldene Windbeutel awards decided that baby food producer Hipp deserved this year’s accolade – for marketing a tea containing two and a half lumps of sugar per 200ml at young children.

Foodwatch, who run the bogey prize, called Hipp irresponsible in the announcement on Tuesday. “Telling parents to give such a product to their children does not fit the image they want to project,” said Foodwatch employee Oliver Huizinga.

Netto’s Viva Vital low-fat minced meat - which contains just 30 percent meat – came in second place with 27.5 percent of the votes. The supposedly cholesterol-reducing, unscientifically-proven margarine Becel Pro-Activ, came third with 22.2 percent of the votes.

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