June 14th, 2012

Powerade’s Olympics Campaign Puts Its Trust in ‘Nameonics’

By Stuart Elliot
The New York Times

A popular ploy in consumer marketing is using a mnemonic device in the theme, slogan or jingle of an advertising campaign, hoping to build brand awareness through repetition and being memorable.

The practice of tying a brand to a product benefit or quality even has a moniker, “nameonics,” associated with a New York adman, James J. Jordan Jr., whose agencies came up with lines like “Zestfully clean” for Zest soap, “Renuzit doozit” for Renuzit air freshener and “Aetna, I’m glad I met ya” for Aetna insurance.

Now, the Powerade sports drink sold by the Coca-Cola Company is embracing nameonics with an effort that will be introduced as part of the brand’s first worldwide Olympic campaign. The ads are to appear in more than 35 markets.

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