June 5th, 2012

Microsoft Do Not Track Move Stuns Privacy Partners

By Kate Kaye

Lots more users can be expected to activate do-not-track on their browsers soon. The top web browser in the U.S. and around the world, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will automatically enable do-not-track for users in version 10, the preview version of which is already available. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s own ad network currently does not acknowledge DNT, meaning it still tracks users who have by choice enabled DNT in their browsers.

Since Microsoft quietly made its default DNT plans public yesterday, they have been panned by some privacy advocates and even Mozilla - first to add a DNT tool to its browser. While touting its new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft mentioned its decision to automatically turn on do-not-track (DNT) in the upcoming version of its IE browser. The current version relies on users to choose to opt-in to DNT.

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