June 26th, 2012

Fire Trucks in Baltimore: Brought to You by...

PRI's The Takeaway

It’s a common trick — when an arts organization or sports team needs or wants more money, they get corporate sponsorship for their performance space or stadium. But what happens when a struggling city government seeks corporate sponsorship?

Cities across the country are considering the question — KFC has, during the recession, sold ads on manhole covers and fire hydrants in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee to help cities cover their infrastructure costs. And the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution earlier this month to sell ads on fire trucks.

Council member William “Pete” Welch proposed the idea after city officials decided to close three fire stations — he says the advertisements could help save those fire stations, or avert similar cuts in the future.

Jody Berg is the CEO and Founder at MediaWorks LTD, a Baltimore-based media communication agency. She’s been speaking with councilman Welch about the ways fire truck ads could be implemented.

Listen to story: http://www.thetakeaway.org/2012/jun/26/baltimore-considers-advertising-fire-trucks-combat-public-safety-cuts/


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