June 19th, 2012

Ad Chiefs Ask Microsoft to Reconsider Do-Not-Track Browser

By Michael Learmonth
Advertising Age

With one automatically checked box, Microsoft is challenging the advertising architecture of the web.

In the weeks since Microsoft announced that its Internet Explorer 10 browser will ship with “do not track” as the default setting, marketers and agencies have been reaching out with one overarching question: What gives?

Until now, industry consensus was that an opt-out of targeting should be a decision made by the user. Microsoft helped create that consensus through its participation in the Digital Advertising Alliance, a consortium of trade groups that has been attempting to establish self-regulation over the industry.

But Microsoft’s new browser will treat all users like they have already opted out unless they say otherwise, a feature that could put the web-surfing behavior of millions of people off-limits to websites and marketers that honor that designation.

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