June 4th, 2012

2 Million Served by McDonald's Europe Site for Kids

By Lisa Lacy

McDonald’s Europe partnered with digital agency Fuel to extend European children’s experiences of Happy Meals into the digital realm. Since launching in August 2011, Happy Studio site has nearly 2 million registered users.

The site is ad-free; however, Happy Studio still includes some recognizable McDonald’s elements. The free site is aimed at children 4 to 8 years old, the ones who usually eat the well-known kids meal in a box.

According to Fuel, Happy Studio is based on more than a year of research into the development of a second gift program that found digital toys are as compelling as the actual toys included in Happy Meals. Happy Studio features familiar characters like Shrek and Puss in Boots, and includes around 30 educational games and activities. Fuel said content development was guided by child development experts.

Read more: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/2180724/million-served-mcdonalds-europe-site-kids


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