May 22nd, 2012

The Huffington Post Wants to Help Brands Create Their Own Content Sites

By Jason Del Rey
Advertising Age

The Huffington Post is expanding the way it works with brands in an effort to cash in on the popular brand-as-publisher trend, Ad Age has learned.

The company, part of AOL, has been talking to ad agencies and marketers about helping them build websites for brands and subsequently aiding in content creation, curation and distribution to consumers.

Razorfish has spoken with The Huffington Post about a project for one of its clients, for example, although it hasn’t closed a deal, according to Jeff Lanctot, global chief media officer at the agency. “It would allow a brand to be a publisher,” Mr. Lanctot said, “and the HuffPo engine would power it so you would get all the social savvy that comes with the Huffington Post.”

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