May 9th, 2012

Stroudsburg and School Advertising Possibilities

Advertisement Journal

The school districts in Pennsylvania are starting to hop on board the advertising train, as well as the students. Officials for the Parkland School District have recently approved advertisements that would be displayed inside dozens of their school buses, which is expected to help the school district generate revenue of about $150,000 within the span of one year. This sounds promising for the school district, especially as they could use the extra revenue after having to deal with many budget cuts being made.

In February, the advertisements were approved by Parkland and since then, a ton of other school district have been calling in and asking about information on advertising policies. Other school districts are becoming interested in the possibility of generating revenue within their schools because it benefits everyone involved, especially the students. The Stroudsburg Area School District is now interested in possibly advertising along the school and on the inside of the school buses.

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