May 7th, 2012

Mixing Marketing With Social Games and Extreme Sports

By Elizabeth Olson
The New York Times

DEGREE MEN, the deodorant by Unilever, is starting a video marketing campaign that aims to increase the brand’s interaction with its core consumers by offering content tailored to social gaming sites.

The brand is joining companies like Coca-Cola, Disney and Pinnacle Foods’ Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast in trying what has become known as engagement marketing. Degree Men’s video series, “Masters of Movement,” features extreme-sports figures and allows social game players who view their two-minute videos to earn points and currency that can be used in the game they are playing.

Some 95 percent of people who choose to view brand content will watch a video in its entirety and are more likely to take an action, like commenting or downloading information afterward, according to the Jun Group, a social video distribution company in New York. Social game players who watch a complete Degree Men video can also choose to go the Web site to see additional extreme-sports videos.

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