May 8th, 2012

Eye-tracking technology helps marketers and medical professionals alike

By Kris Van Cleave

An old, oft-quoted adage suggests that the eyes are the window to the soul. To marketers and brands, though, your eyes may be the window into their profits.

That’s why one company is targeting your eyes for market research. While touch technology in devices such as the iPhone and iPad has changed the way we use our gadgets, the next leap forward in how we use everything from computers to cars may be ocular.

Invivo BVA, a New York-based market research firm, is using a pair of special infrared eye-tracking glasses to see what a shopper may see while browsing the aisles of a store. From the first glance, to a lingering gaze and to the point where a product is picked, the technology literally helps determine how everything from shampoo to soda is packaged and sold.

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