May 7th, 2012

Bus advertising not best option for funding schools

By Kevin Wilson
The Joplin Globe

The 2012 Missouri legislative session is quickly winding down, and if a bill hasn’t crossed from one chamber to the other by now then it’s most likely dead for the year — unless the sponsor can find a bill they can stick it on as an amendment.

I know a lot of people don’t like it when legislators do that, but sometimes it’s the only way a measure can get through the messy, winding legislative process.

One bill with local ties that has made its way through the House and is now in the Senate is House Bill 1273, sponsored by freshman legislator Mike Kelley, R-Lamar. This is an interesting bill that is ripe for discussion among educators and community members alike. Kelley’s bill would allow local school boards to lease advertising space on both the interior and the exterior of public school busses. The point of this column is not to applaud or attack Kelley for his efforts; I merely seek to bring about a discussion of the pros and cons of his proposal.

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