May 23rd, 2012

Band-Aids and Muppets Aim to Soothe Child’s Scrapes

The New York Times

SOME leading brands of wound treatments were themselves bloodied by the economic slump, as consumers switched to cheaper store brands.

Store brands accounted for 39.4 percent share of the domestic market in adhesive bandages, gauze and first-aid tape in the 52 weeks that ended April 15, a gain of 2.2 percent from the year before, according to the SymphonyIRI Group, a market research firm.

Over the same period, the market share of Johnson & Johnson, with its Band-Aid brand adhesive strips and Johnson & Johnson brand gauze and tape, slipped 2.2 points, to 45 percent. (Band-Aid has about a 33 percent share, and the J.& J. brand has the remaining 12 percent.)

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