April 24th, 2012

Under Armour Woos Women With Social Goal-Setting

By Sarah Mahoney
MediaPost News

In its ongoing attempt to win over women at every step of their fitness journey, Under Armour is introducing a goal-setting Web site called “What’s Beautiful.” Involving Twitter and Facebook, the site is “a competition to redefine the female athlete,” with an end result of three new “faces” for Under Armour, as well as seven brand ambassadors.

It’s also an opportunity for the brand to max its ROI on social media, while building a closer relationship with its core customer, Adrienne Lofton-Shaw, senior director of women’s marketing for Under Armour, tells Marketing Daily. “What we get really frustrated with is advertisers who talk about beauty in terms of how you look, not what you are made of,” she says. “So this site, which allows women to enter any kind of fitness goal, whether it’s competing in the Ironman or running your first mile, is about tenacity, and never quitting.”

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