April 5th, 2012

Sustainable Goods Go Hollywood With 'Green Product Placement'

By Amanda Hess

As a set dresser and decorator for film and TV, Beth Bell stocks fictional characters’ lives with real stuff—from the moisturizer lining their medicine cabinets to the vodka behind their neighborhood bars. And product placement companies are always on-hand to promote the world’s biggest brands to Bell, helping her unload “Sweet n’ Low and Little Debbie and crap” into these characters’ lives.

“Brands exist in real life, so they should exist in fictional life and reality shows, too,” Bell says. But some brands are better than others—and as shoppers in the real world begin investing in healthier foods and greener cleaners, there’s no reason their Hollywood counterparts shouldn’t do the same. So last year, Bell teamed up with colleague Lisa Dietrich to form Green Product Placement, the first company to promote sustainable, charitable, organic, and local products to Hollywood productions. “It was like the sky opened up and the angels sang,” Bell says of the idea. “I couldn’t believe no one else was doing this.”

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