April 10th, 2012

Secret agent of messaging

Montreal Gazette

When I first started publishing music magazines back in the ‘90s, I kept running into ethical dilemmas: we were a two-person operation back then and my job was not only handling all the editorial content, but advertising as well. Having such a dual role was seen as a no-no.

The world of editorial content in the media and the advertising that surrounded it was separated like the church and state. To maintain the integrity of the content, journalists were ethically bound to stay far away from the sales reps. This way, content could not be affected because some advertiser wanted more bang for their buck. It was never a perfect world, and the well was poisoned on more than a few occasions by myriad media outlets (it still happens to this day).

One of the main challenges journalism has faced since social media took hold is the potential ability to sway bloggers who may not be as inclined to follow journalism’s morals and ethics.

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