April 30th, 2012

Huff's School Bus Ad Bill Dies in Committee

By Melanie C. Johnson
Monrovia Patch

Cash-strapped school districts hoping to transform their buses into rolling billboards won’t be allowed to do so.

The Senate Committee on Education today rejected proposed legislation that would have allowed districts to advertise on school buses to generate revenue.

Sen. Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar), who represents Monrovia in the State Senate, authored Senate Bill 1295. The measure would have enabled districts to provide advertising space on the exterior of their school buses, giving them control of how to spend the revenue raised.

Read more: http://monrovia.patch.com/articles/huffs-school-bus-ad-bill-dies-in-committee

See Commercial Alert’s letter to California Senators on the proposed legislation: http://www.commercialalert.org/issues/education/commercial-advertising-in-schools/commercial-alert-to-california-senate-school-bus-advertising-is-the-wrong-way-to-raise-revenue


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