March 30th, 2012

Phoenixville Area School District explores advertising opportunities

By Frank Otto
The Mercury

At a recent school board budget meeting, the Phoenixville Area School District’s top officials further discussed the possibility of bringing revenue into the district via different forms of advertising.

A policy change regarding advertising in the district is pending ratification in future meetings.

“It’s been on the agenda for the last month or so but each time it starts we keep pulling it back,” board member Daniel Cushing said. “We always have a philosophical discussion about it ... ‘What does advertising mean?’ ‘What does sponsorship mean?’ ‘What are we putting in front of a child’s face?’”

In the meantime, the options the district might have were laid out by Pat Bonner, a staff accountant.

Bonner said the board needs to decide several parameters about advertising in the district, including what kind of advertising they’d like, the location, how much of it and how much they’d like to make off of it, as well as restrictions on the advertising or its content.

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