March 29th, 2012

Bowie Co. schools get on board with school bus ads

By Carolyn Roy

Bowie County Schools’ hopes are now riding on school bus ads to raise funds in the face of rising transportation costs and state budget cuts. “It’s 27 years since the state has increased the funding for public school transportation,” says Bowie County Transportation Department Director Jim Norman.

On Wednesday, the first of Bowie County’s yellow school buses became rolling billboards, with ads for Chicken Express. Rick Doty is the owner-franchisee, along with his business partner and wife, Mallissa Doty. They own five locations from Bowie County to Little Rock, and they’re about to open a sixth in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Doty says they’d seen the school bus ads in Dallas, so when they were approached by a salesperson, they were quickly on board. Doty says he likes the concept because it allows him to choose the community he wants to reach.  “They make the make the bus route, so you’re advertising’s local and I guess that’s good for business. But one of the main things is, it’s helping the school, so it’s good for both sides.”

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