February 16th, 2012

Parents: Toy Marketers Have Our Number

The New York Times

If there was one single, overriding conclusion it was possible to draw from the big toy fair in New York City this week, it was this: We’re probably not, as a nation, going to run out of toys anytime soon.

I probably could have drawn the same conclusion from any toy store, but there is something about the magnitude of the Toy Fair — row after row, floor after floor of toys — that really brings home the magnitude of the industry devoted to entertaining, and sometimes educating, our children, while persuading adults to part with our money. We’re not going to run out of toys, and the subtle and not-so-subtle forces that lure us into buying rather more of the things than we might, based on a purely rational and economic analysis of their utility, aren’t going away anytime soon, either. They know when we’re weakest.

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