February 16th, 2012

Obama Could Resurrect Naming Rights Value For Bank Of America Stadium

By Lee Igel

The finale of the Democratic National Conventino is to be held at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of three sports facilities set to play a key role in the political gathering scheduled for early September; Charlotte Motor Speedway will host a pre-convention celebration on Labor Day and Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, will host the first two days of the convention. While the day at Bank of America Stadium is sure to grab the most attention because it will feature the president’s speech, one drawback is that the facility is adorned with the name of a company whose business practices the president has publicly criticized. But could it be that holding the main event at the stadium turns out to be an artful alignment of the presidential campaign and bank brands—and a tactic that the stadium owners can modify-and-adapt in the interests of their sponsors?

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