January 23rd, 2012

The Product Placement Presidency

By David Boghossian
Huffington Post

The State of the Union is grim, my fellow Americans...but not so bad that it can’t be made a bit better by a nice two-toppings pizza from Domino’s. Our nation’s healthcare is expensive and obesity is on the rise, but a quick trip to Sports Authority could fix that. We need jobs, so get on down to Staples and print that resume. That was easy!

It’s official: government is now neither the problem nor the solution, but a uniquely effective product placement opportunity. We all pretty much knew that Newt was in it mostly for the book sales and that Cain was all about burnishing “Brand Hermanator” or perhaps leading a comeback for Godfather’s Pizza: nine slices with nine toppings for nine dollars, anyone?

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