January 12th, 2012

Did Purell Pay to Appear in the 'Dragon Tattoo' Torture Scene?

By Betsy Morais
The Atlantic

Towards the end of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the film takes the viewer past pristine white walls and sleek Scandinavian furniture, through a hallway and secure steel door, and down a flight of stairs. There, a character is strapped into a noose, grimacing at the killer who has led him to his chamber of horrors. The madman looks back smugly, ready for whatever sadistic torture might be imagined—but not before he disinfects his hands with a bit of Purell.

Purell’s blue logo appears vividly in this shot of David Fincher’s new thriller, a signal to the audience that the villain’s hands will be properly sanitized for the terrible deeds he prepares to do. Here’s one takeaway from the scene: Blood and guts can spew where they may, but this particular bad guy intends to remain as spotless as the house upstairs. Here’s another: Yikes! Murderer-rapists choose… Purell?

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