December 19th, 2011

Uganda: Baby food supplements face ban, says ministry

By Flavia Nalubega
Daily Monitor

Government has moved to ban formula feeds (baby food supplements), citing the need to save lives of babies whose mortality rate stands at 6.2 per cent for every 100 births between one and six months.

Dr Gelasius K. Mukasa, a nutritionist and the executive director International Baby Food Action Network, says the best food for a baby below six months is breast food. “Formula feeds are actually not needed because it is scientifically proven that breast milk is the best and just enough for the baby,” Dr Mukasa says.

But with Uganda laws that advocate only three months of leave, this is unpractical because mothers can hardly exclusively breast feed. This is the reason why most parents have turned to formula milk to sustain their little ones. This, the government has said, will be banned to save the lives of babies whose mortality rate is alarming.

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