November 14th, 2011

Scripps Alters Its Usual Recipe for Food Show, Uses Product Placement

By Brian Steinberg

In a new sort of cooking program whipped up by Scripps Networks, marketers including Clorox, Kellogg and Sara Lee get to tell you what ingredients you ought to use—theirs, of course—in the recipes shown on screen.

It’s a departure for Scripps. For years, all instructional programming on its stable of cable networks—think Food Network, HGTV and DIY, among others—has been more or less free of paid product placement, the theory being that viewers want unbiased information about the best way to prepare food or renovate a home that isn’t usurped by the goods of any specific marketer. But Scripps has altered that policy to air a program called “From the Kitchens Of” on its fledgling Cooking network, which launched in 2010.

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