October 7th, 2011

We're Not Buying It: Stop junk food marketing to kids

By Prevention Insitute

Today, the Prevention Institute launched the video, “We’re Not Buying It,” that highlights the deceptive ways that food and beverage companies target our kids with unhealthy foods—and calls for the federal government to help put the health of our kids before industry profits, by supporting federal government guidelines that would provide voluntary standards for the foods we market to kids. It was directed by Anthony Lappe, and features a soundtrack from recording artist Moby.

The federal health experts who make up the Interagency Working Group on Foods Marketed to Children (IWG) have proposed voluntary, science-based nutrition guidelines to help provide a model for companies that market to kids. Unfortunately, the food industry and media companies are working to get Congress to stop the IWG from finalizing these sensible recommendations—we only have a few weeks to change the momentum back in favor of kids and families. When we put children--not profits--first, the plan of action is clear: companies should market the foods that keep kids healthy, not sugary cereals and other junk food.

We’re asking President Obama to pledge to support these voluntary, science-based guidelines. You can watch the video and sign the petition asking President Obama to protect our kids’ health at the Prevention Institute webpage. You can also go directly to http://www.preventioninstitute.org/notbuyingit


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