October 12th, 2011

School Districts Across the Southeast US Region Look to School Sports Media, LLC to Save High School


School Sports Media(TM), LLC, a division of Mission Media Services, Inc., a leader in sponsored school sports marketing, announced today it has registered over 400 schools across seven states. Southeastern school districts include Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and Florida are looking for corporate sponsors to step forward and support high school athletic programs which have been impacted by budget cuts from the state and federal budget shortfalls.

“The state of the economy is having a negative impact on our secondary athletic programs. Rising costs of uniforms, equipment, gas prices etc. makes it very challenging to offset these necessary expenditures. We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with School Sports Media. It is our hope that working with SSM will lessen the financial burdens and make our athletic programs the best they can be,” said Roxanne Baker, Department of Physical Education, Health-Wellness and Athletics, Escambia County School District-Pensacola, Florida.

National, regional and local brands recognize the cuts public schools are facing but do not have the bandwidth to work with hundreds of school districts individually. School Sports Media makes it easy by networking hundreds of schools together across multiple states, and offers the first of its kind turnkey solution for both schools and the sponsors.

Norfolk public schools are the first school district in Virginia to sign on with School Sports Media. “We are excited about the potential of this partnership as an innovative approach to increasing support for our popular sports programs. Sponsors who sign on with School Sports Media for the Norfolk market will find a large, diverse and enthusiastic fan base for their advertising messages,” said Stephen Suttmiller, Senior Coordinator Athletics-Norfolk, Virginia.

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