October 14th, 2011

Red Bull: Now at a farmers' market near you.

By Cheryl Sternman Rule
5 Second Rule

My original plan was to toss up that photo and just let you discuss it, but a bit of context may be helpful.

A few weeks ago, while at the farmers’ market with my kids, I noticed two young women sporting huge Red Bull backpacks. They were handing out free drinks to the vendors.

“Hi, there! Would you like a free Red Bull?”

They were chirky and cute. People noticed. Some stared.

When I first saw them, I assumed they were there to market their product to actual shoppers, but no, their stated purpose was to be kind to the vendors alone. You know, give them a little lift on a long, hot workday.

But was it really?

My kids and I followed them around for a bit. The market is small, and crowded, and I was intrigued because branded promotional activity of this sort never happens here. The vendors are the same folks week after week. I know several of them.

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