October 7th, 2011

Paid Advertisements Coming To School Web Sites

By George Morse

Those looking to purchase online advertising can now consider the East Providence School Department.

Late last month, the school department’s website (http://www.epschoolsri.com) and websites for a number of local schools were populated with blocks where potential advertisers can buy space. The ad size on each website is 200 by 132 pixels, though this size can be increased by purchasing additional ads. Pricing comes with a varying range of cost depending on the number of websites selected and the length of time each ad runs. There is also a “Total Townie Pride Package” to advertise on every website owned by the school department for an entire year.

The ad spaces come about a month after the East Providence School Committee approved second passage of a policy that allows the sale of advertisements on school property. Under the policy, facilities designated for the placement of commercial messages and advertisements include gymnasiums of all city schools during a school sponsored event, along the fencing of said schools during a school sponsored event, on the front of ticket booths during school sponsored events, on the front of concession stands during a school sponsored event and at “such other locations as deemed appropriate” by the school department.

The policy also spells out a number of restrictions on what types of advertisements will not be permitted, including those that promote the sale or consumption of tobacco products, commentary, advocacy or promotion of issues, candidates, campaigns or organizations of a social, political, religious or rhetorical nature, promotion of or reference to gambling, pari-mutuel betting, lotteries, or games of chance, depiction of, in any form, nudity or semi-nudity, profanity, obscenity or lewdness, promotion in any form of or reference to illegal drugs or drug use, promotion of or reference to the use or sale of firearms and use of words that are foul or offensive, among others.

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