October 25th, 2011

NASCAR Goes To College To Cultivate Fans

By Karl Greenberg
MediaPost News

NASCAR’s roots (at least “reputationally”) are about as far from the university demographic as professional wrestling is from quoits.

But with the circuit’s drivers having for years now been fully mainstream (which is a nice way of saying NASCAR drivers no longer brew beverages in the woods that they could actually use as fuel) and hugely marketable, they should be getting as many collegiates and post-collegiate interested in the track as those stick-and-ball sports. There’s only one problem. Unlike football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, racing cars is not a college sport, (unless you’re at a very exclusive academy in, say, Monte Carlo).

Since 2008, therefore, NASCAR has been running a program that has two aims: get college students to think about careers in NASCAR, and get college students to think about NASCAR, period, as fans. 

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