October 18th, 2011

In Hispanic Effort, Old Navy Backs Online Mini-Novela "Stolen Styles"

By Laurel Wentz

In an effort to attract the attention of Hispanic shoppers, Old Navy is backing a six-part online mini-novela in which fashion plays an integral part. Called “Stolen Styles” ("Estilos Robados"), the title hints at rivals’ efforts to steal the spotlight from the fashionable but spoiled protagonist Isabella, who plays a novela star.

Starting Oct. 14, each weekly episode lasts just under five minutes, and ends with a choice between two outfits for Isabella to wear in the following episode after viewers text their votes for her next look. Old Navy’s digital agency, AKQA, created the concept and developed the technology, and NBC Universal-owned Spanish-language network Telemundo produced the online novela and is promoting it.

In the first episode, called “Tears, Lust, Sequins” (It sounds better, or at least more alliterative, in Spanish: “Lagrimas, Lujuria, Lentejuelas"), Isabella, clad in a long, figure-hugging red dress, flaunts her handsome actor boyfriend in front of a TV reporter. Behind closed doors, it turns out that her real, secret love is a penniless chauffeur. Worse, another actress has won the next novela role that Isabella covets. Her plan: storm into the executives’ office and change their minds—as soon as viewers pick her next outfit designed to impress.

“We filmed multiple versions of different episodes,” said Deborah Yeh, VP of marketing at Old Navy. “There are a couple instances where the clothes influence how Isabella is going to make some decisions. She can choose to react positively to a situation, with clothes that are more angelic, or respond negatively and look mischievous.”

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