October 26th, 2011

Artist's Parody Sparks Nutritionists' Debate About Cereal

ABC News

A recent stroll down the breakfast-food aisle of a Venice, Calif., grocery store might have caused some shoppers to take a second look at some of their favorite cereals.

Rather than featuring Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam and other familiar characters on the boxes, the cereals had obese parodies of these famous advertising icons and altered brand names, such as “Sugar Frosted Fat” instead of Frosted Flakes and “Yucky Children Charmer” instead of Lucky Charms.

The man responsible for this brazen cereal hijacking is New York-based street artist Ron English. English said he drew each of the altered box fronts, printed them out and put them on boxes on shelves in two stores, the one in Venice and one in New York City.

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