October 28th, 2011

Ads could give schools needed revenue

By Editorial
Post Bulletin

Would you be offended by seeing corporate logos on the scoreboard at a high school football game? Or how about hearing these words from the public address announcer: “This timeout sponsored by _____, the official sports drink of Mayo Spartans basketball!”

Well, we wouldn’t be offended — especially if the revenue raised by such advertising meant that student athletic fees would decrease, marching bands would once again take the field during halftime and a full-time vocational education teacher were added at every middle school in town. In fact, we wish that those signs, billboards, logos and commercials were already commonplace at athletic events and concerts across the city.

But better late than never. The Rochester School Board is formally considering a proposal that would give individual schools a lot more flexibility in pursuing commercial advertising that would be placed in hallways, gymnasiums and auditoriums, and ball fields.

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