September 29th, 2011

School buses could soon display ads

Sen. Sam Mabini, R-Asan, has introduced a bill that would allow the Department of Public Works to allow certain businesses to advertise on the exterior sides of school buses.

Advertisements that will be allowed on the school buses are limited to those with positive messages that promote healthy lifestyles and family-friendly businesses, according to a release from the senator’s office. It will prohibit the endorsement of drug, alcohol and tobacco products, political advocacy, religious ties, and any other products or services that are rendered inappropriate by Public Works and Guam Education Board policy, according to Bill 320.

All advertisements will need to be approved by the superintendent of the Guam Department of Education before they are posted, the release states.

Interim Superintendent Taling Taitano said in an email she believes DOE schools currently are allowed to have advertisements at some of the sporting facilities, and the proceeds go to their non-appropriated funds.

“For all practical purposes, I would believe that a (standard operating procedure) would be put together regarding the kinds of ads allowable and appropriate that both the DPW and DOE management would agree on,” she said.

Guam Education Board member Barry Mead said he is supportive of the bill, as long as the advertisements are “good for the kids.”

“If it’s for anything that’s for the safety and welfare of the students, it’s good with me,” he said. “If you want to get commercial, though, that’s a different subject.”

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