September 23rd, 2011

Rogue food study typifies wasteful Fed: State reps slam IWG food marketing guidelines


One major reason we both ran for Congress was to eliminate Washington’s red tape and restore a path toward limited, effective government. To return government to the people, we must rein in Washington’s culture of senseless regulations.

Whether it is the Environmental Protection Agency trying to regulate spilled milk as spilled oil or implementing a national energy tax, our constituents in New York and Illinois — and Americans across the country — have had enough.

One big concern in the past few years has been the amount of “legislating” done by executive branch fiat — a far cry from the role our founders outlined for the executive branch.

President Barack Obama seemed to recognize the negative effect that overregulation was having on our economy — specifically, on the private sector’s ability to create much-needed jobs. In a Jan. 18 executive order, Obama wrote that regulations should be “based in science” and should promote economic growth, among other common-sense requirements.

Yet, a few months later, the Interagency Working Group — unelected and unaccountable representatives from four federal agencies (Agriculture Department, Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Trade Commission) — issued proposed “voluntary” principles for marketing food to kids.

The fiscal year 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act directed the IWG to complete this study and submit a report to Congress, with its recommendations. Inexplicably, however, the IWG failed to fulfill its obligations under statute, neglected to deliver a report and instead arbitrarily devised a set of proposed nutrition

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