September 20th, 2011

Another side of education funding - school-bus ads

Philadelphia Inquirer

Could bus-side advertisements for brand-name sneaks spare little feet from having to trudge a couple of miles to school?

Will promos for banks and other local businesses spell tax relief for beleaguered homeowners?

New Jersey will soon begin to find out.

In the last legislative session, the state became the latest to approve advertising on school buses. Now, the state Board of Education is working on regulations for districts that choose to tap into this new revenue source.

The regulations are not expected to be adopted until at least February, according to state education spokesman Richard Vespucci.

According to the authorizing legislation, 50 percent of revenue from the ads must be used to offset fuel costs for student transportation. The other 50 percent can be used to support programs and services determined by local school boards.

New Jersey is the first Northeastern state to permit ads on school buses. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah also permit the ads, according to the state education department.

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