August 22nd, 2011

Product placement works on reality TV, says report

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The buying habits of television viewers is being influenced by product placement on reality TV programs, according to a survey of 400 viewers.

The Reality TV Insights Survey, conducted online by Emma Ashton and social insights specialist Julie Houston, conducted interviews with 400 viewers nationally, and found that 94% of viewers purchase behaviours have been influenced by what they have seen on a reality television show. 60% of viewers have purchased something after they saw it on a reality television show.

Ashton said: “It appears product placement is a win-win situation for both the shows, and the advertisers. Television networks need the sponsorship to ensure the production values of the show are high to attract viewers and therefore make a profit.

“Advertisers are definitely getting a bang for their buck aligning with reality shows and there is probably much greater potential than is in play now if advertisers can think outside the box. Reality shows are regularly the highest rated shows on TV, and reality is the second most watched genre on TV after sport.”

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