August 17th, 2011

Interactive Ads Pay Off for Digital Mags

Media Daily News

While most advertisers are still repurposing static print ads for the digital editions of print magazines, those that opt to include interactive elements (or create new ads with interactive features) are seeing a big payoff in terms of reader engagement and brand perception.

These benefits carry over to the magazines themselves, according to new findings from research outfit Affinity’s VISTA Digital service, which tracks consumption of digital magazines on iPads and other mobile devices.

Affinity measured reader response to a variety of interactive digital ad formats on mobile devices, including sponsored videos, photo galleries and 3D product views.

Among readers who tapped on the screen to interact with sponsored videos, 88% said they enjoyed the experience, 87% said it enhanced the magazine reading experience, 88% said they learned more about the product, and 89% now view the brand as innovative as a result.

For photo galleries, 92% said they enjoyed the experience, and for 3D views, 93% said the same. Ninety-two percent said it enhanced their magazine experience, 91% said they learned more about the product, and 92% said they viewed the brand as innovative as a result.

Magazine publishers have raced to introduce digital editions of magazines suitable for tablet-style computers and e-readers, and researchers are racing to keep up.

Last week, GfK MRI released survey data suggesting that digital magazine advertising on tablets is more effective at engaging consumers than e-readers, with 55% of consumers who read magazines on tablet devices saying they “noted” a magazine ad displayed on their devices, compared to just 41% for e-readers.

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