August 18th, 2011

NBC Shows Continue to Set the Pace for Brand Integrations

Advertising Age

NBC shows continue to set the pace for product placement.

The Peacock Network’s popular talent show “America’s Got Talent” included more appearances by outside brands in July than any other prime-time show on broadcast TV, according to Nielsen. “America’s Got Talent” integrated other brands 59 times last month, including Apple, AT&T, Hooters, Orville Redenbacher and Planet Hollywood, Nielsen found.

Another NBC show, “Friday Night Lights,” came in second with 47 integrations, including series mainstay Under Armour as well as Coke, Costco, Ford, Gatorade and Sam Adams, according to Nielsen. “Friday Night Lights” stands out, moreover, because reality TV and unscripted contest series usually trump scripted series for brand integration.

NBC shows occupy five of the slots on July’s top 10 list for brand integrations. It achieved the same feat in June, when its broadcasts came in first, second and third.

July’s top brands for prime-time, broadcast TV integration were led by Under Armour, AT&T, Nike and Chevrolet, Nielsen said.

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