July 27th, 2011

Why teens don't 'Like' brands on Facebook

Biz Report

Teens on Facebook, specifically 10-15 year olds for this study, love to follow their favorite musicians and celebrities on Facebook, but brands rarely get a look-in.

Amaze’s study reveals it’s not a total dislike of brands on Facebook that’s the cause, it’s that brands aren’t approaching teens in the right way. While 31% of the 10-15 year olds just aren’t interested in engaging with brands on the social network the remainder, a healthy 69%, could be persuaded with the right approach.

So, what is the right way to approach teens on the social network? First and foremost don’t offer to connect them with others, that is most definitely not what they want. The group was unanimous on this point (100%).

What will attract a teen is the promise to keep them informed of brand products, offers and coupons (44%). In fact, the top three ways that teens said they would like brands to interact with them are competitions (37.5%), discounts on future purchases (25%) and access to new products before launch (25%).

Keep teens entertained, too, and don’t expect them to be chatty on your Fan page. According to UK-based Amaze “none of the group is interested in being able to interact with and talk to people at the company or use them for customer service related reasons. They are looking to be engaged”.

The report forms part of the “Amaze Generation” study that has been following 20 10-15 years olds over five years to better understand their digital selves and examine the way they interact with and are being shaped by technology over time.

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