July 22nd, 2011

Google's social network Google+ hits 20 million visitors

Los Angele Times

Google+ has had 20 million unique visitors –- 5 million of them in the U.S.—since it launched the social networking service three weeks ago, research firm ComScore reports.

“It is definitely the fastest ascent to 20 million visitors that I can think of,” said Andrew Lipsman, ComScore’s vice president of industry analysis. 

The new data shows that explosive growth even though Google has not officially rolled out the service or marketed it to its more than 1 billion search engine users. It comes just a week after Google Chief Executive Larry Page said that Google+ had more than 10 million users and that they were sharing and receiving more than 1 billion items a day.

“We are really excited about our progress with Google+,” he said.

Google+ is Google’s most credible effort yet to counter the growing reach of Facebook, which, with more than 750 million users, is competing with the Internet search giant for eyeballs and advertising dollars.

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