June 15th, 2011

Yoplait, iStoryTime Give Away Free Apps

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Sponsored apps are emerging as one of the more popular marketing and advertising channels on the iPad and iPhone, as big brands leverage high-engagement content to reach consumers in an uncluttered and exclusive ad environment.

In one recent example, digital children’s book publisher iStoryTime has partnered with Yoplait Kids to make a number of titles available for free download. It targets parents who want to take advantage of the iPad’s legendary “pass-back” value (i.e., for pacifying kids).

The six books in the Yoplait sponsorship include titles like “Nate’s Big Hair,” “Invisible Alligators” and “Peanut Butter Bob,” generally featuring amusing plots demonstrating the benefits of trying new things, being patient and accepting differences.

Each book begins and ends with a “splash page” featuring Yoplait and a brief brand message about Yoplait’s health benefits. Because marketing rules forbid advertising to children in this context, the ads actually target mothers; for example, they tout the fact that Yoplait contains 25% less sugar than competing brands.

Although it’s not part of the Yoplait sponsorship deal, in May iStoryTime also released a digital children’s book based on the popular animated movie “Kung Fu Panda 2” (for $2.99). It became the most popular iPhone app downloaded in the books section of the Apple App Store on May 31, less than two weeks after it debuted.

The digital storybook, which combines stills from the movie with narration and the original actors’ voices, includes special interactive features that allow kids to “create their own scene” based on the movie.

Since its release in April 2010, the iPad has proven especially popular among parents and kids because of its intuitive design, which makes it relatively easy for young children to use. As such, there are now whole categories of content for kids as young as two, including children’s books, comics and animated shows.

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