June 20th, 2011

Lady Gaga, Versace and Product Placement


Lady Gaga has promised to wear nothing but Versace for the next two months.

Which is, of course, the sort of advertising and publicity which most businesspeople, let alone fashion labels, would kill for. Lady Gaga is, after all the highest earning musician of the past year and the most popular search on the internet (well, someone had to overtake Britney at some time, didn’t they?).

The obviously interesting question is whether this is Gaga simply adoring the label and thus deciding to wear it or is it more of a business decision? As Donatella Versace opened up the archives she said:

“I am greatly honored that Lady Gaga chose to wear a Versace Vintage look throughout her Edge of Glory video,” Donatella said in a statement. “I am a great fan of hers and I believe that my brother Gianni would have appreciated her talent. Like him, Lady Gaga is unafraid to push boundaries and she has created an original vocabulary by merging fashion, music, theatre and art. For me, this video represents a wonderful tribute to anyone who is unafraid to take chances.”

It’s clearly a great deal for Versace, getting the fashion and style icon of the moment to be showcasing their clothes. It may or may not be a great deal for Gaga: certainly she’ll not be expecting to pay for the clothes she’s wearing.

But whether there’s another arrangement as well is unknown: and will almost certainly remain that way. Which is a pity because it would be interesting to see what price is put on such exposure: assuming that a price is being paid of course.

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