June 16th, 2011

Can KFC Fatwash Its Obesity Image?

Hive Health Media

KFC says that it wants to help you lose weight with its new Kentucky Grilled Menu.

As part of its parent corporation (Yum Brands) Keep It Balanced initiative, KFCs new healthy menu offers “the same great taste of KFC without all that fat, sodium or calories”.

“It’s marinated, seasoned with KFCs famous secret herbs and spices, and then slow roasted to juicy perfection”.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm good.

Unfortunately, while the Colonel was busy cooking up this amazing new menu, Yum Brands, was quietly lobbying the Kentucky state government to expand the food stamp program to include fast food restaurants.

And that’s where their good corporate citizen act starts to fall apart.

* Kentucky is the seventh fattest state in the nation.
* Over 60% of the residents of Louisville, its largest city, are clinically overweight.
* The city is spending millions in non-profit and federal government grants in an attempt to make the city more fitness friendly.
* Anti-obesity / pro-health community groups are popping up all over the city
* Metro Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer recently announced the creation of a Food Policy Advisory Council funded in part by an $7.9 million federal grant to combat obesity and promote wellness.

It’s pretty obvious that the community and all levels of government are interested in making Kentuckians leaner & healthier.

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