May 23rd, 2011

Trump's show tops Idol in product placement

Crain's New York

Donald Trump won’t have the opportunity to declare victory in a presidential campaign—he renounced the idea, if it ever was anything but a publicity ploy in the first place, earlier this week during NBC’s annual upfront pitch to advertisers—but his show has a win of its own he can brag about: the most brand integrations of anything on prime time last month.

Mr. Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice, even somehow outdid American Idol, which normally trounces other programs when it comes to product placement. In March, for example, Idol included 208 brand occurrences, according to Nielsen research on the broadcast networks’ new prime-time episodes, leaving “Apprentice” in the dust with a mere 127 brand occurrences.

In April, however, Idol brand integrations declined to 96, meaning Apprentice could take the No. 1 spot with its 120.

Among the brands with the most product placement on broadcast networks’ new prime-time episodes, Idol mainstays AT&T, Coca-Cola and Ford still won out. Coming in as a close fourth: Trump Hotels.

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